Thursday, 15 September 2016

I Would Like To Make You Smile!

Hello my cute friends ^_^
How are you this lovely September day? I am pretty well thank you. I would be better though if I had some support from amazing Patreon Patrons like yourself. I realize that maybe my kawaii blog and daily art project aren't meeting expectations so I'd like to up it a notch for you! How do free giveaways on this blog (like coloring sheets and birthday-related gifts) sound?

Image result for animated cute dividers

Also, not sure if you noticed yet, but my Etsy shop now has an entire line of printable Kawaii items, from tee decals to frameable wall art! See them now at
All I ask from you on Patreon, is only $1/month. And that is not mandatory :)
This just ensures I can keep blogging & creating cute content for you (and not need to get a second job again to keep our condo as the fees go up and life gets more expensive). Thank you so much, Domo Arigatou! xoxo

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