Monday, 5 September 2016

Ugh! Finally!

Sorry it took me *this long to post, everyone ^_^

Please bear with me, as I appreciate your patience. Domo Arigatou. (◡‿◡✿)

I would like to explain why I've been away...

-We went to visit family over the weekend
-Trying to balance time with my husband, since we have busy schedules
-I have been dealing with a potential bladder infection
-Also working a retail schedule (though starting next week I will be working only until 4:00pm so that I can be more available to you, including custom requests in my Etsy shop).

So now, please accept these pictures for my #kawaii365 project:

September 2nd

Gift Bag Tag (holes became eyes against black background)

Thank you again for all your patience! I am in the process of organizing and balancing my life as best I can, so that I can be available for you ^3^

Today is September 5, which is Labor Day. I will be working until 5pm today but I will do my best to have a daily #kawaii365 product for you. Stay tuned and keep smiling!

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