Sunday, 18 September 2016

Let's Give Her a Hand

Literally! Today is Sunday, September 18 already. And that means it was time to share with you, my strawberry-scented lovelies, another Kawaii face (≧ω≦)

So in the interest of being creative, I decided not to use paper today. I decided not to use food like I have in the past. And I decided not to use any of the craft supplies I got from Dollar Tree - though I did use some pens. My canvas, however, was my hand. Here you go:

I used permanent black Sharpie, so this may last for several washes yet. Wow, I haven't drawn on my skin with a marker like this since probably Jr. High School. Anyway, thank you as always sweethearts, for following this daily blog! I appreciate your loyalty, your cuteness, your ideas, your comments/compliments, and wishing you all the best! xoxoxo

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