Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pokemon Go Reviews - Part 4

I haven't forgotten about the Pokémon Go app. I still have it on my tablet but the last 5 times I tried opening it, the dang thing stopped working right after I picked out the avatar features. Meh.

However, I haven't stopped being fascinated by the bizarre news stories. They are top in entertainment this summer ๏_๏

Here are 2 things that have recently piqued interest in this app:

1. celebrities on the Red Carpet at Teen Choice Awards have been caught switching out dating apps like Tinder, in order to play Pokémon Go! Catching a Pokémon seems more exciting than catching a sexy new playmate.

2. The makers of this game - Niantic Labs - have recently given a software upgrade to all players. Sounds good, right? Well the upgrade improved the gameplay, but it made everyone start over at level one. Has this happened to you?

Tell us in the comments below how Pokémon Go has affected your life. All you need to comment here, is a Google account (YouTube channel, gmail address, etc.)

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