Saturday, 27 August 2016

How I'm Spending My Weekend - Kawaii August

Konbanwa friends, another evening post.

Today was a full day already. In addition to working from 8am, I went out for lunch with husband & his family, and then came home to do laundry and went out again to grocery shop! So I was already finding not much time to sit and make a Kawaii Smile. However, I happened to recently put my jewelry down a certain way that reminded me of a face. So then I did it on purpose:

One of my favorite necklaces + earrings

And Then

Because I work tomorrow (Sunday, yes) until 10pm, I won't have time even earlier in the day (getting ready for a long shift) so I took the liberty of going ahead and creating Sunday, August 28's #Kawaii365 project as well:

Please note, though this is a daily project I do after being inspired by the book 'Unstuck' (Noah Scalin), I do strongly encourage you to create some of your own and share with the hashtag #Kawaii365. Looking forward to finding yours ^3^

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