Thursday, 28 July 2016

July 28 - Ice Cream Cuties!

Konnichiwa! ^_^

When I look around our general society, I see right now something called "Num Noms" is quite popular among kids & teens, as well as "Shopkins" (Google both of those for cuteness overloads, if you don't have your own kids begging you for them).

So I bought some modelling clay from Dollar Tree on Monday and I was pondering potential ways to use it... and then after seeing some ice-cream shop themed kawaii lip gloss recently, it hit me! It's been so humid in this condo lately that all I want to do is turn on a fan and eat ice cream. So I made some ice cream cuties!

Step 1: I used colors (I wouldn't use for the poppy theme) as base pieces, to help form the shapes:

I also used a ruler to create the 'diamonds' in the waffle cone.

Step 2: I put the base pieces together. Taking a good form so far.

Observe the 'chocolate wrap' on the fudge popsicle.

Step 3: Shapes are made, now I've begun to put on their cheeks:

Step 4: Final stage - now I've used a fine tip permanent marker to carefully apply their lil' kawaii faces! So ~cute~

From here, they went into the freezer to set for about 24 hours. This way they'll be frozen solid, which makes them like real ice cream. If you find one around Red Deer, PLEASE DON'T EAT IT! They're made of clay. Thanks ^_^


Mr. Kawaii and I want to say thanks, or arigatou gozaimasu (有難う 御座います)!
We're celebrating over 1,000 blog views in just less than a month! It means a lot.

So Have a super kawaii evening and see you on July 29th!

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