Thursday, 14 July 2016

July 14, Part 2

So after our delicious Costco hotdogs, I folded up the tinfoil wrap and used it as a canvas for my next Kawaii cutie. At first I just used a marker, but the whole point of this year-long project is to become a more creative thinker. So then when looking for change in my coin purse, I discovered I had held onto a small purple bow that fell off a jewelry parcel the other day. So I used a dab of mustard as glue and attached it which is why I took a second (cuter) picture.

When we went for our delicious, creamy chocolate ice cream, I decided to leave this on the table and then as a social experiment, we sat at another table and watched to see who would discover it.

Now I have to admit I feel disappointed by the outcome. We subtly observed from the sides of our eyes, and lo & behold, a simple-minded male employee picked up my kawaii, stared at it for several seconds with a bewildered expression and finally after much staring, he just tossed it into the nearest trash bin! Dammit that monster murdered one of my babies! I won't lie, it did hurt my feelings.

Here's to hoping that my other kawaii creations don't end up in the garbage.

Until next post...

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