Thursday, 14 July 2016

July 14, Part 1

Okay so we had to take our car in to get the windshield replaced (just a huge crack) and while we were waiting, Rob & I went to see a movie together. Okay yes it was 'Finding Dory' but that's okay since we're both fans of Ellen DeGeneres. Anyway, this Kawaii face is a little dark because I decided to draw it on the back of my ticket and leave it in the cup holder. Before I did that, however, I took a photo of it against the carpet.

I wasn't super satisfied by how dark this turned out. So then after we watched our super mature movie (hey, it's a great film!) we walked to the nearest Costco and got some hotdogs & ice cream. That's when I decided to make my next #Kawaii365 face :)

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