Sunday, 22 April 2018

Earth Day 2018

Today is the day to show our planet how much we love and appreciate it. 

Chances are, you probably already do things like recycle (that's great!) and that makes a real difference. By putting papers, plastic and aluminum in a place where they can be re-purposed, you are already helping keep literally tons of waste out of landfills. Thank you.

Other things you can do to help as well, are to:

Use less water (so don't run the tap while brushing your teeth, or take 10 minute showers).

Save on electricity. Replace standard bulbs with LED where possible, and make sure to turn off lights when you leave the room. In many cases, reserving water and electricity benefits you directly by saving you money! Yay :)

Plant a tree, or flowers, or do something to 'give back' to the Earth. 

Consider gardening your own veggies this Spring. Or help others cultivate, and learn about botany, dendrology, and other plant-based science.

Purchase items with less packaging. For instance, if you need to buy an eraser, buy one from a bin where none are wrapped in plastic.

Opt for restaurants with re-usable dishes and napkins whenever possible.

Re-purpose ice cream, margarine or other plastic food tubs to store new food.


What are some other ways you are planning to help our planet today? Let us know in the comments!

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