Wednesday, 7 March 2018

My 30th Birthday

As many of you sweet friends know, I turned 30 at the end of February! I've been dealing with mixed emotions about leaving my 20s... I am grieving the loss of what many call 'the best years of life'. I don't know how they flew by so fast!

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I also am excited about entering a new decade, a new chance to be a mature, responsible and successful adult. Plus, Rob is super romantic and booked us at the Fairmont Palliser hotel in downtown Calgary, Alberta. They surprised me with delicious cake and a beautifully-decorated room!

Overall, I suppose I really don't feel overly different than I did at 29. I just feel now is the time to be more mature and responsible. I'm a legitimate adult!

Rob has now been with me for 10 of my thirty birthdays. This Hello Kitty is from when I turned 21: 

No automatic alt text available. Rob surprised me with her.

Anyhow, to commemorate entering my 3rd decade of life, I did this mixed media art project:

Every image is a snapshot of my life in that year/age. Some are digital edits of photos (many of which were either 110 film, or 35mm), and some are pencil sketches or digital illustrations. 

Although there are 30 images in total here, this project still manages to simplify my life in a way. That's kind of what I was going for - this was meant to hit the highlights. 

Thank you for reading with me here today 😍

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