Saturday, 3 February 2018

What Do You Want?

Hi sweeties!

First of all, don't take offense at the title, because it's meant in a positive tone. Literally guys, I'd like to know: What do you want with this blog now that we're already so far in the new year?

It's now 2018 and this blog has been running for approximately a year & a half already. We've had fun challenges, such as:


The challenges had prizes, such as a coloring sheet (drawn by me), or even your own image featured here on this blog!!

We also had a major giveaway in Christmas 2016, won by Silvia D. 

And in addition, we've got cute games and quizzes here for you to enjoy!

Last March/April we had a fun contest where those who correctly guessed a visual pun [from a popular Disney movie], won a cute coloring page. Can you try to guess?

In addition, for quite some time throughout 2017, this blog was running Review Wednesdays, where we'd do a video or photo shoot of some kawaii cute items. I am honestly planning to bring these back to this blog, now that I've recovered from the flu and am less busy since the Holidays are over... for now.

We also used to have a very fun part of this blog, called Feature Fridays. Currently, this blog is calling for submissions - it's free to be featured once, as long as some of these guidelines are met:

⭐ You're a kawaii artist, fashion mogul, YouTuber, blogger, or fan of the culture ⭐

We also still like to occasionally review characters or pop culture that may be considered 'kawaii', and weigh in on whether or not it counts.

So please, as a loyal reader of this blog, if you have any suggestions for NEW fun stuff for 2018, please direct ideas to 

Thank you,
Daryl J. of

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