Monday, 12 February 2018

February Birthday

If you were born on February 25, then we're birthday twins! Hello 😃

With my 30th birthday fast approaching (less than 2 weeks from today), I'm getting a little extra about the whole thing! I'll admit, part of me is grieving the loss of my twenties, which many people say are the best years of their lives. 

I'm also somewhat excited about becoming an official adult. Yes I know.... people in their 20s are technically adults, but for some reason I feel like this was the decade for me to find myself. And now that I really know who I am, what I like/dislike, what my boundaries and limits are, etc. I feel more ready to start the next decade of my life. 

To kick start the celebrations, I've ordered me a shirt with my zodiac sign on it, and yes I did design this one: 

Yes, I am posing with a Hello Kitty. Real mature.

So being that everybody has a zodiac sign, feel free to find yours in my RedBubble shop here. If you're not a big fan of wearing cartoon characters, there are also typography ones available.

Anyhow, the tee shirt isn't the only artistic thing I've done to celebrate the month of my birthday. I also went to Old Navy and picked up some adorable party hats, which happen to be plain colors with gold trim; a perfect canvas! It's been too long since I doodled a kawaii face on something with a marker, so I playfully vandalized each hat, with a face that I think matches the color's feeling for each:

And yes, I plan to wear one, or at least make other people wear them when Rob & I go visit my family then. There ain't no party like a kawaii party!


I'd love to share a freebie with you lovely people, because you're awesome! This is an animated birthday card that I created, and you can share with someone special on their special day.

If you prefer the actual birthday video card without all the blog stuff around it, get it here from my YouTube channel.

Are you also a Pisces mermaid? Then stay tuned to this blog, as soon the horoscope for us will be uploaded ^_^ 

And if your birthday is any time this month, Happy Birthday!!

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