Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Tears, Relief and More Stories

Today was a day that was easier to just put into pictures. First of all, I was hoping to naturally wake up early enough to maybe catch a glimpse of the blue moon. I suppose it was a blood moon first, but lo & behold it was around 8am when I awoke, and the moon wasn't even visible in the sky due to it being overcast. Ah well.

I made a digital rendition of what I was hoping to see; a literally blue moon. Blue is, after all, my favorite color.

The sad expression may be inspired partly from my recent watching of Sailor Moon (a childhood favorite show, which Rob got me on DVD for Christmas). I'm up to the part where she learns she is the long-lost moon princess and Tuxedo Mask turns evil, so this look of cartoon sorrowful defeat has become engrained in my brain. It is a play on words, the moon being 'blue'. *sigh*


In other news,

It's not safe to hold these little guys in: 💩

Doing so can legit kill a person, and today it almost did me. Our water was shut off in our condo for nearly 5 hours today, and about halfway through is when the urge hit me. And we're not allowed to flush toilets until the water is back. I think my digestive tract is off-key even now. 

Finally, about an hour out from being done, someone came to our door to ask us to test the water flow. It was good too, because prior to that I was laying sideways on the couch, nearly in tears from the feeling of agony. Before I had to lay down, I drew this digital cartoon, expressing the powerful agony that comes with needing a toilet and not having access to one in the moment. 

A feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone. BTW, doing art like this brings back memories of the drawings I did, based on feelings, throughout the year-long #Kawaii365 project. In a strange way, it was a relief to get this horrible feeling out in image form.

Thank you so much for stopping here to read today. It's been a super long time since I've really been involved in this blog, and your patience is appreciated.

Daryl J.

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