Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 Highlights - Personal and Other

Hello lovely friends, and welcome to 2018!

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Did you have a good NYE? What did you do? Tell us in the comments section 😎

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I'd like to start with blowing your mind - if you follow this blog regularly, then you might remember this 'welcome 2017' post - it really does not feel like that long ago, right?

And now, here we are, a year later, and so many more wonderful things to share with you!

In January: We went on a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Rob's family! Then when we came back, I 'went for it' with something I always wanted to do - I dyed my hair pink.

In February: I officially got glasses again - prior to this, I hadn't worn them since I was about 11 years old. Why did I stop? Because of bullies. Now I wear them with pride. And I turned 29, which commenced countdown of the last year of being in my twenties!

In March: We did the #KaraokeChallenge on this blog - did you film yourself singing? Share it with the followers here, or on our facebook group! Rob & I also celebrated our 9-year anniversary of meeting at work, by going to see the live action Beauty & The Beast! Such a fantastic movie, and the first time I've felt truly happy in a theatre! Oh and I got the honor of painting for my first time at Art Battle International 😊

In April: I don't really remember anything specifically personal about this month... however, one of our favorite stores in Bower Mall here - HMV - officially closed. It later became Sunrise Records. Thankfully they still sell kawaii collectibles :)

In May: The Red Deer Regional Hospital literally saved my life! I don't want to gross any of you out, but I take it that the majority of the readers here are girls and women, so I'll tell you - I had a very heavy menstruation, that was almost life-threatening. I got to the emergency room just in time for them to give me clotting medication and take care of me. I credit them with my still being here.
Also became friends of a sort with a super awesome girl who goes by Piper Dollface - we share an affinity for squishies, and Hello Kitty stuff, so she sent me this as a gift:

In June: Preparations for Canada's 150! Rob & I had wanted to do something nice together at Bower Ponds, but a major storm hindered that (thunder, rain, hail, cold wind, and small tornadoes forming - Alberta weather, eh?). We spent it indoors.

In July: The #Kawaii365 project came to an official end on July 10, after a year of making kawaii art. Because I felt 'empty' after such a sudden stop, the Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends were 'born' 😍  Rob & I had a table at the local Farmer's Market and sold some of my kawaii art.
A major highlight [of my life!] was getting featured in 2 local publications - Red Deer Express and RD News Now! I'm still on cloud 9 from that.

In August: Rob & I celebrate our 9th anniversary of being a couple, and our 6th wedding anniversary. He spoiled me by taking me to the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in downtown, Calgary, where he booked us for a couple's massage. We then went to the zoo, where we enjoyed our first time at the penguins' enclosure.

In September: Since opening both a RedBubble shop AND a Zazzle shop earlier this year, I've enjoyed the feeling of seeing my own artwork on day-to-day items. It's a real rush of adrenaline! The feeling literally never gets old.

Mousepad from my shop on Zazzle

My Zoo'd tote bag (still so proud!)

In October: Following his 39th birthday, Rob & I celebrated our 10th Halloween by going to a haunted walkthrough house in Parkland Mall. And since recently discovering the Netflix original series, Stranger Things, I simply had to dress as Eleven. Then Rob & I co-hosted a Halloween party at our condo, as we celebrated our 3rd Halloween here already!

In November: Sears officially closed... another place we loved going to in Bower Mall here in the city. Still waiting to see what goes in there next? Though we both feel awful for all the laid off employees, it was decent to get some high-fashion items for up to 90% off. I hope every former employee found new work quickly.
Rob & I kicked off the holiday season in late November by attending fabulous local events such as: Red Deer Lights the Night, the Festival of Trees (to support the hospital which saved me), and the Black Knight Inn's Christmas Wish Breakfast.

In December: We celebrated a fantastic 10th Christmas together (complete with a romantic sleigh ride together at Heritage Ranch, followed by a very romantic New Year's Eve (our 10th one, too) at the Black Knight Inn together!

Here's to a safe & prosperous new year everyone!
Daryl J.


  1. Well, I really do think the pink hair suits you. Any thoughts to do it again?

    And we got lucky for the Canada 150 here in Toronto -- the weather held out well. :)

    Hoping 2018 is awesome for you!

    1. Hello Sarah, you are a beautiful person! Thank you so much for the compliment on the pink hair. It's funny you suggest to do it again, because I had pink hair in my 10 year passport picture, so soon I will dye it again to match. That's fantastic about Toronto's weather holding out so well. Hope 2018 is awesome for you as well ^_^