Monday, 18 December 2017

Personality Test - The Fireplace

*Sigh* the beautiful, romantic, warming, and calming fireplace. The crackling of the wood, the soothing heat and the hickory smell... the majority of people in colder climates have one, and they love them!

Do you have a fireplace? Or, have you ever enjoyed sitting at someone else's?

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Here is a quiz to help determine some of your personality traits, as well as deeper things about you.

Which part of the fireplace do you gaze at the most?

1) The fire itself, as it dances and jumps
2) The 'crackly' wood
3) The smoke floating from the fire
4) The brick design, or the size, of the walls around it

Now let's see your results...


Your answers determine not only some personality traits, but also concerns you may have in your current time. If you answered...

1) The fire itself, then you are a passionate and creative person! Your mind is likely going at lightning speed, and you're full of great ideas. However, you should be writing these down, since like actual lightning, it seems your great ideas are often there & gone in a flash. You are also romantic and an exciting lover, mainly because you don't like boundaries, and the feeling of 'new' excites you.

2) The crackling wood, then you are a solid, dependable person.Your friends may tease you about being the 'mum' or 'dad' of your group, but it is you who not only keeps the herd together (like Manny in the Ice Age movies), but you're also there for them when they need you the most. You'd make an excellent spouse & parent due to these traits. Also, you're probably your boss' favorite employee.

3) The smoke, then you really enjoy your freedom and prefer not to be tied down! As you observe, the smoke leaves the fire and travels upward and out into the sky, so it can go anywhere it pleases. Unlike the description above, you're advised not to get married or have children until you find what truly makes you happy. Just enjoy the variety life has to offer. You do you.

4) The brick wall inside, then you may be feeling 'trapped' in your current situation. Are you dating a jerk? Or do you hate your job? Then talk with good friends, a relative, or even a doctor or clergy to help you find ways out of your situation. You'll feel much better when your circumstances change.

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