Wednesday, 6 December 2017

A Bunny Wallet

Hi everyone, how's it going today?

For Review Wednesday, we're gonna change it up a bit! First, I'll tell you a short story. My husband Rob gave me an adorable Hello Kitty wallet for Christmas about 5 years ago now. And I used the heck out of it - the poor, sweet wallet actually broke!

So then I put it away in my archives of HK stuff, and went on a journey for a similar one. I suppose perhaps I was looking in the wrong stores? Or, wrong places? The nicest wallet I could find was a simple red leather one, and it was about $30! Yikes. My gut instinct said "don't buy it" and I listened.

Then, I went to visit Rob at one of his jobs - London Drugs photo-electronics, and there it was: my new wallet. Only, it was a mini photo album, that can hold "credit card-sized pictures". Perfect!

Pioneer 1-UP Mini Instant Album - Assorted Colours - ISO40
Get it at London Drugs here

It was only 3.99 (much better than $30!) and it would fit perfectly in my purse, like a wallet would. So I went for it! And, to my joy - it came in pink, as well as a few other colors.

Excitedly, I transferred all my cards over to it, and a perfect fit. But something seemed sort of, plain about it. Then I realized it didn't have a kawaii character on it like the last one I had, did. And being a kidult, this wasn't cool, haha.

So I did this:

I penciled in a kawaii bunny, similar to Rabbird

After filling in with sparkly polish, I used fabric markers to outline.

Ta-da! All lined in, and other polish colors for details.

Just thought you'd like to see how well this album holds cards!

So, who or what is 'Rabbird'? 

Good question! Are you following my other blog? It can be found at and if you really, really LOVE it, you can show some of that sweet love at our Patreon page, and get some cute coloring pages of the characters! 

BTW, this wallet design was a wingless take on my character, so she is essentially a 'normal bunny'.

Anyhow, have a great rest of your week!

Daryl J.

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