Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Astrology Tee Shirts

Hello, and welcome to another sort of unusual Review Wednesday, this one for November 8th.

As you know, in 2016 while being inspired by the #Kawaii365 project, I designed 12 'cute' astrology tee shirts, both as iron-on decals available on my Etsy shop, and as full tee shirts available from RedBubble.

And they had some popularity for awhile... but 'cute' doesn't resonate with all people who would otherwise be happy to wear a zodiac sign shirt. For instance, young guys.

So in order not to discriminate against a wider audience, most recently I designed 12 more shirts, this time with typography. Though I haven't worn one of them yet (so I can't rightly review the fit or fabric), I'd like to share them with you here:

The new ones, on the right, say:

1) Aries the athletic hottie
2) Taurus the bull-sh-t detector
3) Gemini the BFF
4) Cancer the cutie
5) Leo the fabulous
6) Virgo the sexy librarian
7) Libra the social butterfly
8) Scorpio the sexpot
9) Sagittarius the free spirit
10) Capricorn the hipster hottie
11) Aquarius the cool bad@$$
12) Pisces the mermaid

The last one is because I always hated being compared to a fish. I'm a mermaid... or a dolphin... just, not a fish! 

Anyhow, I can definitely review how much work went into designing them. To be honest, I assumed because they were 'wordy' without pictures, that it would be somehow easier. I was wrong. It ended up being a multi-day project, but totally worth it! 

Once I got the brief descriptions of each sign's characteristics (or, comparisons) just right, then I played around with typography until I got the right design - simple, yet impactful.

Either the 'cute' or 'regular' designs are available at my RedBubble shop, link above. 


I'd like to apologize for the delays sometimes, in posting here. If you are a regular reader of the Kawaii365 blog, then you probably remember how active this blog was just a few months ago. When the year-long 'cute art' project ended, I began a new series of characters called Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends, and they have their own blog here - - which also keeps me fairly busy. 

It's not so much that the blog itself keeps me busy, but rather, special projects for the characters, Currently, because people were wanting to know where these guys 'live', I've been designing actual houses for them.

Also, my hubs & I would like to voice them soon, which is why I made some clay versions of them (and why I've been practicing my cartoon voices). We're going to need something 3D to hold during the video.

So, we'd love to thank you for showing loyal support of this art project, turned little family here 💖

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