Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A New Kind of Review (Wednesday)

Hello, konnichiwa friends!


Today is another Review Wednesday (for August 9), and though I usually review a cute toy or fun snack, we're changing things up a bit this week.

As you might already know, I recently began a new line of kawaii animal characters called Zoo'd. They are hybrids of 2 animals morphed together. And there are 12 of these characters in total 😃

The idea for them started out as one of the #Kawaii365 projects:

These were the rough edits, before I drew them digitally.

And at the time, I wasn't actively planning to create 9 more. I started out posting them on RedBubble, and then when they gained positive traction, I felt inspired to take it further...

So then I sat down with my 'biz binder' (literally a zipper binder full of all things related to Etsy, adult coloring, this blog, artist's finance, and other design stuff) and created all 12 of these cute animal hybrids. Somehow, I already 'knew' who they are. Each one has a distinct personality and background story. If someone asked me who they were based on, I wouldn't even consciously know.

One of the next steps, to finish off the daily art projects on this blog, was to start a brand new blog for the above characters. You know, so they'd have a space to call their own. 

So a few weeks ago, that's what I did. You can read their character profiles (and more) right here

And what is the point of a blog for them, if they didn't also have their own facebook group?

So in addition to the free desktop wallpaper above (designed for a 4:3 ratio but can be resized after you save it to your computer or mobile device), these characters are going to have a coloring and activity book coming soon to my Etsy shop (will share when complete) and even a web comic.

And, someday if enough fans show enough love and support, we may even have these turned into plushies via Jazwings! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Now let us know in the comments below, or on the facebook group - who is your favorite?

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