Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Reviewing Despicable Me 3 - Minion Toy

Hello everyone, you look lovely today. How are you?

Today is about day 2 of my 'aunt flo'. I am cramping and I look awful, lol. It is however, Review Wednesday (July 19, 2017) and today we're having a quick look at a Minion Happy Meal toy. We'll mostly be doing photos, but I took a couple of awkward one-handed videos to show that vibrates and is supposed to 'fly'.

Which is why I dub him...

'Flying Kevin'!

 Here he is, wrapped in plastic, saying - 'Somebody let me outta here!'

His instructions say (like IKEA furniture ones) that he has a switch on his back that causes him to vibrate and you should toss him to a friend, rather than hold him. I am here alone so I didn't get the full effect, lol.

A close-up of the switch. It seemed to have a mind of it's own and worked about 60% of the time I was turning it, hahaha.

Here is the first video I tried to take, when I finally got him vibrating. I tried to stand 'Flying Kevin' upright, but his feet are at such an angle that if he's not held, he falls down. Much like a toddler.

This video is slightly worse than the other one, but that's okay. Not everything in life is perfect, and it is that imperfection that keeps it beautiful.

And I saved my very favorite photo for last - since the whole 'Minion craze' started a few years back, I immediately saw the uncanny resemblance to my husband Rob!

To this day, he disagrees. "I do not look like a Minion.." he claims.

BTW, the picture on our computer is from our first date on August 11, 2008. We still lived in Calgary then, and so we enjoyed a day at Devonian Gardens and around downtown. Our wedding was held exactly 3 years later - August 11, 2011. We had that at Heritage Park, historical village. If you are visiting Calgary, we highly recommend Heritage Park - and Devonian Gardens.

Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to spend with me - much appreciated!

The date is now July 19, but this was originally drawn on the above date.

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