Monday, 3 July 2017


There is a B-Ball court just a 5-minute walk from here (we can see it from the windows of our condo). For the first time since we came here in 2015, I went to it this morning. It was vacant at the time I started. No, I wasn't playing. Well, not with an actual ball.

I took my chalk art there, and just went for it. If you remember October of last year, I did a major chalk art illustration for the city of Red Deer's Alberta Culture Days celebration.

This one today was a tad smaller, but it was inspired by the Supersized project in the Unstuck book that inspired this blog. I've wanted to do it for awhile, but time, weather, and waiting for the court to be free of players - were all factors in the wait.

Today I learned...

drawing on a bumpy, rocky 'asphalt' surface isn't as easy to do [with chalk] as a smooth, concrete surface like a sidewalk.

I began to run out of orange chalk, so I substituted yellow for the areas 'in sunlight' and pink for the darker areas 'in shadow'. Kind of gave it a nostalgic 90s feel.

I didn't measure it with a ruler or tape, but the circle was large enough to envelope me while drawing, and it's approximately 3 feet across in any direction. I'm 5'4" so this seems pretty big to me.

Alas, it rained and stormed earlier this evening, so this has since been washed away. Hopefully several people got to see it first. While I was still drawing, some people observed me doing it. So we said hi. I love how friendly Red Deerians are.

Thankfully, the rainstorm left us a happy rainbow:

And I didn't get a chance to get on here yesterday (a lot going on, like having a spur-of-the-moment work shift, and then my Sunday chores). However, Rob surprised me with an Albert Einstein magazine (I'll tell you why in a minute). I took a quick 10 minutes to flip through it and got inspired by science... from quantum physics, to energy and mass, to his theory of relativity... so I went to my bag of kawaii art supplies and dumped out a bunch of spools of thread on the living room floor. Then I organized a few of them into a smiling face. For some reason, watching items fall and scatter, reminded me of an episode of The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper, theoretical physicist, can't stop thinking about a certain 'pattern' and uses objects to act it out. Everything from peas and corn, to those colorful balls from a ball pit.

Okay so now for the story behind the magazine...

A couple of months ago, I started watching a 10-part series called Genius, which showcases the life & times of Albert Einstein. Though there have been trials and tragedies in his life, it's been a most fascinating show and I've been recording it weekly. Since I've been learning more about the main character, as well as science itself, this has become a topic of conversation around our household.

So when he went out to buy some stuff at a drug store, he happened upon a Time magazine with Albert Einstein as the subject.

And speaking of Rob paying attention to his wifey...

As you guys know (from the last post), July 1 is a special anniversary for me & Rob, because it's the day we got officially engaged in 2009. Though I ended up working it, and then a storm happened (so we didn't go to the big outdoor celebration as earlier planned), he made it a very memorable and romantic Canada Day for us!

After my July 1 blogpost, he wanted me to meet him in the bedroom (naughty people with your dirty minds, lol). Prior to that, he had the door closed so I couldn't see in there.

And then he opened the door... waiting on the bed was a big red gift basket, shaped like a super cute ladybug (he knows they're my favorite insect). In it was a very nice anniversary card, and a few gift cards. Some of which were for food (when I'm on work breaks) and some of them were to help me buy more stuff for this blog, like craft supplies and kawaii items to review on Wednesdays.

It's the fact that he listens and pays attention, that made this so special. So many women complain that their hubs don't listen, and I want to clarify something on behalf of men in relationships:

Men and women listen differently (women are more into eye contact, touch and words of affirmation). Men tend to take in the message while looking somewhere else, and though they don't verbally repeat what they heard in the moment, they do contain the info they receive ( ° ʖ °)

The flowers and the blue bow were also Rob's idea. I asked if he enlisted the help of a female family member or a sales associate, but he came up with the whole design and idea by himself - I must say I'm very impressed! He is romantic, attentive AND talented with gifts and presentation.

And if you've been following this post since July 10 last year, or if you've just tuned in recently, or somewhere in between...

Then you know that there is only exactly one week left of this daily art project!

We've come so far, and it feels like it's been so fast! As it stands, I've made 358 art projects so far. I feel excited, proud, sad, surprised, and like a grown person overall.

So now we're counting down the next week...

(please enjoy the above video from Nightcore)

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