Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Strange Animal

Konnichiwa, hello!

Today was a blessed day - Rob's dad came over from Vancouver and visited with the family, and we enjoyed a hot day together [during this Red Deer and surrounding area heat wave!]

Then, despite the moist skin, Rob & I went to get our passport renewal stuff, which meant horrible pictures (I'm 29, apparently going on 45!)

And now we're home, with our giant Kyoto air conditioner running in the living room. Oh and...

It's laundry day! (*whines*)

I hate doing laundry - always have. I rarely if ever sort items first, and then of course there's the seemingly endless changing from washer to dryer, and folding/putting away (this is usually a days-long event for me).

Thankfully tonight is only 2 loads, and it's still pretty early in the evening. However, I can't help but feel like I'm being pursued by a strange beast... an animal I call...

The Laundry Monster!

It feels like a living, breathing (and growling!) entity is staring me in the face every time I enter the laundry room. Perhaps something out of a Kaiju 怪獣 ("strange beast") movie.

So that was the inspiration behind today's (July 8) #Kawaii365 project.

Only 2 more to go...

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