Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Beauty And The Beast Release

This beautiful, stunning Disney live action remake came out in March of 2017, and my husband Rob & I went to see it together on our anniversary of meeting at work. May very well be one of our best dates ever!

Well, it's been in theatres a few months now for fans of all ages and genders to enjoy. And now, it's been released on DVD/Blue Ray for enjoyment again at home, just yesterday (June 6). This is of course in Canada and parts of the US, while other parts of the world may see it around July 17 or before.

Anyway, we have a little contest for you B&TB fans. If you can accurately guess the pun in the image below, you will get a free coloring sheet!

And I've been busier lately so I missed yesterday's post date for June 6's #kawaii365 project. It is a comic of myself in bed the other night, when I was 'too awake' from caffeine and having strange thoughts. It made for a good comic muse.

See you lovelies later! xoxo

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