Friday, 30 June 2017

4 Personality Types Buzzfeed Quiz

Take the Buzzfeed quiz on personality types - it's only 6 questions. Answer the first one that pops into your head without too much thought.

Take Me Here

Yesterday's blog post was about the 4 main types of personalities, and today we dive a little bit deeper by getting you to discover your own.

As said before, I'm a combination of Rebel and Nurturer. And Rob is a combination Follower (best employee of his company, there for 20+ years) and Rebel. It's the similar rebellious ideals that seem to keep us attracted (we get each other).

Which one are you?

Today's (above) #Kawaii365 project is the quiz cover photo, with the avatars for each of the types - you can probably correctly figure out what each one stands for, before seeing the blog post below [from yesterday].

Have an awesome day!

**I am available for commissioned work as well, and would be happy to help illustrate your projects.

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