Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Kawaii Thank You Face

What is a 'thank you face'? Is it an expression?

Yes, yes it is. And not just an expression of the facial muscles, but true gratitude is an expression of one's very being. And that is evident in today's #Kawaii365 cutie. I'm short on time today, so this is a sequel of yesterday's kawaii cutie (as seen in the post below).

Originally, this face was made for thank you cards available at my Etsy shop. Then, this face was too cute not to put on all available items at my RedBubble shop too, called KawaiiNMore.

So please enjoy the latest addition to the kawaii cute family on KawaiiNMore (RB). I have a lot of fun drawing these expressive ones, because the cute features embody real emotions that I actually feel. For instance, the above one is gratitude - since starting this project last summer, I have LOTS of reasons to be grateful and I feel it everyday.

Many of the cuties you see throughout this blog also embody childlike excitement - another major feeling I've had since starting this project. It's been very mentally healthy to think like a child (okay, teenager) again. I'm nearly 30 years old and this is refreshing.

Well, it's an early bedtime tonight. Have to be refreshed for an early work shift tomorrow. I will do my best to provide a Review Wednesday as well. Have an awesome night! xoxo

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