Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hello Kitty with Glasses

Hello all - today's Review Wednesday (okay, tonight's) is about two new Hello Kitty plushies that Rob & I found at Value Village together. I have tried to cut back on my collecting them (budget, you know) but these two are special because...

They look like me! I even teased Rob that we should name them after me and raise them as our daughters.

I know this isn't really a 'typical' Review Wednesday where I post a video, but today has been pretty busy and videos take well, on average about 3 hours of prepping, filming and re-takes, then editing and sharing. So because I am writing another book for my Etsy shop, job searching and doing projects for clients via Fiverr and Freelancer, I just don't have 3 hours to make a 4 minute video.

One thing I did have time for though, was this Buzzfeed Quiz about tape.

This was my result - I already knew the answer because, I made it haha. What's yours?

And I tricked you with it in a way, because it's also the May 24 #Kawaii365 project. Have a good night! ^_^

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