Sunday, 23 April 2017

Colors in Art and Fashion

Hello sweeties!!

Today we're talking about colors, and how they tie into the art and fashion worlds. I'm going to start by listing some favorite 'fashion colors' with you:

-Mint green
-Cotton Candy pink

Okay but how do these colors come to be? Yes they are found in nature, in flowers and fruit, as well as stones and minerals. But what about the science of color?

Even though I've already been a professional artist for years now, I sometimes re-read my old art student books and I still love color just as much now as I did then! So that's why, for yesterday's (April 22's) #Kawaii365 project, I re-drew a color chart which shows the relationships between primary colors (red, yellow and blue), secondary colors (purple, green and orange), and tertiary colors (everything else!).

And I love fashion just as much as I love art! To be honest, I believe that art & beauty/fashion are very closely intertwined. They're both about aesthetics and experimentation. And I just recently bought an Essie nail polish in a dove grey (with soft, blue undertones to accent my pale hands) and I got this for ONLY ONE DOLLAR at Shoppers Drug Mart! What an awesome sale!

I decided to get a little more creative with this one in the photography. After all, the whole idea of doing this daily, year-long art project is to open my thinking.
Since starting this project in July last year, I've already landed several awesome gigs around this city as well as on Fiverr and Etsy - my mind and confidence have both expanded greatly!

So as you guys know, we're heading into Spring here in Red Deer, Alberta (still some snow but it's getting warmer). Since starting this blog we've done a #KaraokeChallenge (you're still welcome to share your singing videos with us) and before that, a #KigurumiChallenge

And now, after looking at Paper Kawaii for training if you will, I'm going to pick up some washi or chiyogami paper and get practicing! When I think they're good enough I'll start sharing them on Instagram for you to enjoy - and then I encourage you guys (the amazing readers!) to make your own origami (Japanese paper folding art) and share it with these 2 hashtags:

#OrigamiChallenge and #Kawaii365  - and in case you guys are wondering if there are prizes, the answer is YES! For everyone who participates, you'll get a free coloring sheet drawn by me!

Have a lovely Sunday evening xoxo

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