Saturday, 18 March 2017

Hello Kitty versus Minnie Mouse - The Cutest

Konnichiwa and happy Saturday!

Recently, I realized that Disney's Minnie Mouse and Sanrio's Hello Kitty actually have a fair bit in common, so today we will enjoy comparing them. There is no right or wrong, and ultimately it's still up to you who you find to be cuter :)

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Hello Kitty                                          Minnie Mouse
Boyfriend is Dear Daniel.                                    Boyfriend is Mickey Mouse.                
Wears a red or pink bow.                                    Wears a polka dot bow.
Debuted in the 1970s.                                          Debuted in the 1920s.
Has rides at Puroland.                                         Has rides at Disneyland/World.
Is Japanese-made.                                               Is American-made.
Real name = Kitty White.                                  Real name = Minerva Mouse.
No shoes on.                                                       Wears shoes & gloves.
Pet = Charmy Kitty.                                           Pet = Pluto the dog.
Has no mouth.                                                   Has a mouth and talks.
Is mainly white.                                                 Is mainly black.

As you guys can see, these two cute ladies (a cat and a mouse who would likely be good friends) have a fair deal in common. And their differences keep them interesting!

Today's #Kawaii365 project is inspired by this debate:

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Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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