Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Dear Daniel and Kawaii Donut

Konnichiwa - or, should I be saying konbanwa ('good evening' in Japanese) because of what time it is... I've been busy again today - And it was awesome!

Firstly today is #ReviewWednesday so here is the video on the 2 new (and cheap!) plushies we picked up recently.

Here is another picture of them together - the Donut was just a few bucks at HMV, which is closing very soon, and the Dear Daniel was from a thrift store for only $2. I am very excited by both since they are both rare finds and worth a lot more than their tags (Gund is a good name in toys, and Dear Daniel is often an exotic import here in Canada).

And as promised yesterday, here are the latest #Kawaii365 projects for March 21 and for March 22 - they are both from my RedBubble shop, KawaiiNMore. Hope you enjoy! 😌

Yes, another mermaid! See the blog post below for more about mermaids!
This one is combined with pineapples for the RedBubble Meme challenge!

Thank you for reading - and if you're in Red Deer, stay on the lookout for the little Spring Candy boxes! I have 8 boxes of M&Ms 'Easter Eggs' to give away. If you're one of the lucky recipients, please share the post (about them) and comment with pictures if you can. Have an awesome everything ^_^

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