Monday, 20 February 2017

A Disney Theory About Rapunzel and Frozen

Let's talk about a popular Disney theory, which makes a lot of sense.

Firstly, we'll discuss the movie Tangled (2010) about Rapunzel, who is technically royalty (the lost princess). An evil woman stole her from the kingdom so she could use her magic hair to keep herself young forever. The movie shows the King & Queen a few times, and there is a resemblance between Rapunzel's mother and the Queen/mother of the 2 girls in Frozen (2013).

Image result for elsa's motherImage result for elsa's mother

The first image is of Rapunzel's mother, who is silent throughout the film (but her facial expressions speak volumes!). The second image is of Elsa's & Anna's mother - though the 2 women have vaguely different features and eye colors (green, and blue) - there is a lot of 'Disney universe' speculation that these 2 beautiful queens are in fact, sisters.

Why are they in different parts of Europe? That is, how did they end up in different kingdoms, where they need a ship to go see each other? The popular speculation is that their own parents wanted to make good with nearby kingdoms (maybe for economic or peace-keeping reasons), and so each daughter was betrothed to said kings.

Image result for elsa's parentsImage result for rapunzel's parents

So they both have brown hair, big eyes, gentle expressions and fair skin - but what other evidence do we have that these 2 queens are sisters?

We can tell that both the kingdom in Frozen and in Tangled are inspired by Eastern and Northern European places, primarily Germany and Norway. So they're close enough that it's just a ship ride away, and it appears that the king & queen in Frozen may have been on their way to see the wedding of Rapunzel and Eugene (formerly known as 'Flynn'). Sadly their ship capsized and they never made it there. Which is why you don't see them in the wedding guests here:

So then, that would mean that, Anna + Elsa, are cousins with Rapunzel! Yes, there is more evidence of that than similar mothers!

Elsa was born with a magical winter power to manipulate moisture into cold snow & ice. And Rapunzel was born with magical hair that could heal people (even after her hair was chopped off by Eugene, she could still heal with her tears). So the 2 cousins have common ground there.

And Rapunzel has a lot in common with Anna too - they both felt trapped most of their life. They were both lonely, and despite that, still very upbeat, fun, and warm-hearted. They even have similar songs when they get their dream come true:

Image result for Anna first time in foreverImage result for Rapunzel leaves the tower

"For the first time in like, forever"

By a fluke, they both went on an adventure for something close to their heart (for Anna it was her sister, and for Rapunzel it was a lifelong dream) with a cute guy - who later became their significant other :)

So if you still don't believe this theory (even with all the evidence pointing to Disney writers' and artists' creativity), then look at this:

Image result for Rapunzel in Frozen Image captured from 'Frozen' (2013)

So that is why, for today's #Kawaii365 project, this blog is featuring a digital illustration of the 2 happy cousins excitedly greeting each other (while Elsa chills out with Olaf somewhere).

Image result for cute dividers

And in other news my friends:

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Have an awesome day everyone! xoxo

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