Thursday, 19 January 2017

It's Amazing How Far We've Come

On July 10, 2016 after being inspired by artist and author Noah Scalin (after reading the book "Unstuck" which Rob & I won at a coloring event), I decided to dive in head first and start a daily kawaii art project. I wanted to blog it for the world to see, because it feels good to receive feedback and to share something unique with the world. It feels good to share smiles.

I didn't yet know how this daily art blog might be received. I just followed my heart and 'went with it'. Since then, I have started a whole new line of product on my Etsy shop, started a Patreon page and reward donors with kawaii coloring sheets, gotten requests for custom work on Fiverr and most excitingly - I got to do sidewalk art for the city of Red Deer in October! It's awesome to be recognized in public and have discussions with other kawaii fans - you make my day!

And now, just over 6 months later, you guys - the readers - have given me a reason to smile like this. I see that this blog has received over 10,000 views and I would like to thank each & every one of you.

Your regular reading and sharing this blog has been insanely helpful, since as you know I am a trained artist with an Art Diploma from SCI, and you probably already know that I've always dreamed of being a cartoonist and illustrator! I love you guys so much and if you have any specific requests for cuties, please let me know what you'd like made!

Image result for cute dividers

In other news, I spent a lot of time today creating a list of potential Karaoke songs to sing for the #KaraokeChallenge, which starts in February.

I will be slimming down this list to the few I can actually sing, and then you will soon see a list here (maybe in Survey form) of songs for you to choose from and challenge me to sing!

The one song (of the list) that gets the most votes will result in a video of me singing (you're welcome, lol) and then it's my turn to challenge you back by contacting you directly with the song of choice, and then asking you to share your own singing video with the hashtag #KaraokeChallenge so I can find your video and share it here on the blog!

Sounds like a lot of fun, so let's do this thing!

Have a warm and fuzzy evening, xoxo

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