Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Another Wednesday in The Middle of a Busy Week

Hello sweet strawberry friends!

You're right when you think "wasn't today supposed to be Review Wednesday?"

The one I was going to make for you for today requires filming a small video, and I work today (very soon) and yesterday was a day with my husband Rob because he had it off work :) Hopefully by next Wednesday we'll have time to make a review video for you. I miss making those, they're fun ^_^

So let's start with the #KaraokeChallenge - early February is getting closer everyday, and I'm working to get rid of my cold so I can sing clearly for you. Then it will be my turn to challenge you to singing and sharing it :)

And as you know, the list of songs to choose from is right here

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Of course, yesterday being as busy as it was, I didn't get a chance to do the daily #Kawaii365 project. I am not being lazy, forgetful or ignoring you, the loyal readers. And I want to do better for being punctual - I'm learning to balance life and art. Anyway, here are yesterday's and today's:

BTW - today's is the 200th Kawaii365 project!

You'll notice that, with me being an emotional water sign and hopeless romantic, I have an affinity for drawing romantic kawaii cartoons - because Valentine's Day is coming! There will be more of these cuties coming, and they will be available as tee shirts in my RedBubble shop and greeting cards at Etsy. See below for where to shop with me.  

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Where to shop with Daryl:

Etsy: Clipart, printable iron-on tee decals, greeting cards (printable too), fridge magnets (coming soon), adult coloring sheets, astrology-themed wall art, desktop backgrounds, and more!

deviantArt: Coasters, greeting and post cards, art prints, mousepads, and coffee mugs.

RedBubble: Tee shirts, hoodies, phone/tablet and laptop accessories, art prints for the home, bags, clocks, ceramic coffee mugs and more!

All the above work is available exclusively with my art on it (✿◠‿◠)

Thank you as always for reading, and have an awesome rest of your day! xoxo

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