Tuesday, 13 December 2016

For All The Sanrio Fans!

Hello, konnichiwa sweeties!

There's a chance I probably don't need to even tell you about this exciting new addition to our culture (because you very likely are already excited about it!)... Sanrio has come out with a new way of marketing their classic cuties, using the moniker "Hello Sanrio"

Now I first heard of this nation-sweeping cuteness from McDonald's, where my husband works as a manager. Sometimes he brings me home the displays of toys when they're done - and sometimes we go for a quick bite and I ordered happy meals just so I could review the toys for your knowledge of them.

My Melody + Hello Kitty

Well I recently learned that Hello Sanrio (©) is working with more companies than McDonald's. They also have a contract with Apple for an super cute iPhone app called Helloji and kawaii boxes with Loot Crate, as well as a fashion line with JapanLA. I am so excited!

Please enjoy this amazing video by the talented people at Tado

Have a super kawaii day and enjoy your new obsession with this new line of Sanrio cuteness ^_^

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