Thursday, 15 December 2016

A Hectic Time


you might be wondering why yesterday - Wednesday - you tuned in to see what the Review Wednesday might be, and there wasn't one. In fact, there was hardly anything at all.

I didn't forget, and I feel terrible for not keeping up with this, with you.

You see, yesterday I worked and then came home and did some Christmas preparations, after all it's now only 10 days away and there are still cards to be signed, plans to be finalized. etc.

I did create a #Kawaii365 cutie for you though - even among the busy feelings, I stopped to make this:

And I would like to apologize for this being posted 'the day after'. Because I got so caught up in festive planning last night, when my husband came home from work it was nearly bedtime anyway so I vowed to finish this post 'tomorrow morning' - so here I am!

From this point forward, I will make a better effort for you. I love the holiday season but I will be a lot more available when all the shopping, wrapping, decorating, writing & mailing, and baking is done.

Thank you, domo arigatou for your patience!

I still plan on doing a #FeatureFriday tomorrow as well!

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