Thursday, 29 December 2016

3 Days Until the New Year!

And it looks like this time, I am actually on time for a blog post, haha.

I have about an hour before I leave for today's work shift, so I am taking the opportunity to share with you December 29's #Kawaii365 project (this evening I'll be working on a special surprise for you in my Etsy shop).

So here is 'cute crying kid':
Why would I make such a sad picture?

The story behind that one is, for the past nearly a week, I have been super excited because I stumbled upon a website called Design By Humans, where artists can submit their work for items such as tee shirts, phone cases, etc. and so because I am an established, known-by-the-world artist (with a diploma and everything!) I thought it would be super cool to put my work on their stuff. I mean, I was EXCITED as I spent literally hours (with breaks) uploading and editing each item. It was looking really promising, and my shop was looking very awesome with all 12 kawaii astrology tees, as well as some others.

Then this morning hit me in the heart like a wrecking ball...

I looked at my DBH (design by humans) shop and noticed all the items I spent hours uploading, were missing. I mean, hours' worth of adding onto tee shirts and phone cases, all gone. I thought 'there must be an error.'

I checked my email to see if I had heard from them about it, and sure enough they sent me more than 13 rejection emails, which were unapologetic and automated, saying:

And I got not just one of these, but about 15 of them! I was not only heart-broken and crushed, but also angry. So today I am deactivating my store with them (they were 'nice enough' to leave 1 item, for now). And if you love me, you won't spend money on them. If you are supporting DBH, then you're not supporting me and that really hurts.

Well, it's off to work I go. Thank you for your genuine support, caring, and appreciation. I love each & every one of you xoxox

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