Thursday, 17 November 2016

What People Are Saying About...

Adults Who Love Kawaii

"Why do you still like cartoons?" Um, okay. Interesting way to word that. If you ask any fan of 'kawaii' art, they will say it's not just cartoons, it's a lifestyle. And it speaks of a whole culture, originating in Japan and coming out to the rest of the world - all ages & genders welcome to enjoy.

"What makes it so appealing, though?" Well, it's the calming, soothing nature of the characters. The pastel colors and simple, non-threatening expressions are what do it for me - and other fans of this style will be able to pinpoint what does it for them. The characters are very welcoming.

"How old are you, when you act like that?" Act like what? A person's age is not determined by what they like to watch, read, collect, buy, draw, listen to, or wear. I suppose American pop culture has dictated that with shows like 'Full House' where uncle Joey was portrayed as a forever child due to his love of cartoons. But I assure you - go to Japan and you'll see many adults who love this stuff because they know it doesn't define them.

"Aren't you ever embarrassed about it?" First of all, that style of question is called a 'leading question' (as per the book Conversation Transformation) and is advised against. Honestly adults who love kawaii culture have nothing to be embarrassed about. As said earlier, this style of art is very calming and welcoming - which is great for a busy person with a stressful job, loud children, and pressures from in-laws and mortgages.

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Now I want to talk directly to you, the readers, and let you know - It's Okay to enjoy what you enjoy, no matter if you're a 13 year old girl or a 70 year old man. No shame.

I am a 28 year old married woman with a day job, in-laws, a mortgage to pay, and common stresses in life - and well, indulging in the sweet cute world of Kawaii is a great escape.

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This Blog, On Social Media

Now I would like to share how stoked I am by your guys' support! I know there will always be haters no matter what we do, so just shake it off.
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And since starting this blog in July of 2016, I have met some awesome people on this thing called 'the internet'. Your compliments and questions make my day and I appreciate you!

Got featured on Noah Scalin's MakeSomething365 blog

Fellow kawaii blogger Hp20508 is so sweet!

Since starting this blog, my Etsy shop views have increased :D

I love featuring others in the kawaii community and this is how I met Hp20508

On October 1, I had the honor of joining the city Chalk Art Festival, so blessed!!

Got an email from a very nice stranger ^_^

Even my mum, who is in another city, had something nice to say about this kawaii lifestyle
Kind words from a friend ^_^

And another sweet comment from a fellow kawaii blogger (we have to stick together!)

Thank you everyone for your loyal readership thus far. I could write as a hobby, but without your fantastic support, this would just be a diary. It's you guys who are the reason this blog is going so far on the internet, and I would love to say 'thank you' with this free printable coloring sheet for you!

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