Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hello lovely friends,

I decided to go ahead with today’s #ReviewWednesday as I am feeling a bit better, and have this adorable, amazing Hello Kitty candy to review for you. 3 different kinds – gum train, Lucky Stars in a takeout box, and a strawberry ring pop. You can get these and other cute candies on Blippo.

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Instead of a video since I’m still coughing pretty bad, I did another photo one. I’m going to start with the Gum Train, which comes in 4 flavors (each repeated 3 times): orange, strawberry, purple grape and green grape (a little more tart like wine); each packet has 4 pieces and they are very flavorful. I decided to do the strawberry flavor this time.

Next up we have this cute little tin that looks like a takeout box – it even sounds like it’s from a legitimate restaurant called Lucky Stars. When I opened the tin, I found some red and white candy stars. The red & white tasted the same – both quite sweet (I thought they’d taste like those ‘Rockets’). I like the fact that, when the candy is gone, I can still use the tin for other small items ^_^

And now we open up the lollipop. Because I still have a strong cough reflex and a beginning sugar high from the other two samplings, I will eat this at a different time. I still wanted to see it though, and compared to the package I have to admit the visuals are a little disappointing. Ce la vie.

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For today’s #Kawaii365 project, I did one more #Movember re-hash on a fan favorite, and tomorrow is December so now the kawaii cuties are starting to be holiday themed.

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In other news – Hui-Ying Kerr has a valid point about kawaii culture and how it affects adults in the modern age. For instance, did you know that indulging in cuteness was a deliberate attempt at rebellion against Japanese societal authority in the 1960s? Does that mean that loving pastels and baby-like cuteness makes us kind of, bad? See her full article here:

Thank you for being so kawaii!

I’ll be going to a doctor tomorrow afternoon and am looking
forward to being back to myself for you xoxo

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