Monday, 31 October 2016

It's Halloween!

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It's finally the big day - October 31! And I want to celebrate by sharing a short list of some very spooky Japanese horror movies for you to maybe watch tonight - with a friend!

  1. The Grudge - in this film, a man cracks up and kills his wife, son & cat after suspecting an affair. An unsuspecting family later moves into the home where they are haunted by the deceased, including a cat/boy/demon hybrid.
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2. The Ring - a man finds a cursed video tape and bizarre things begin to happen.

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3. Apartment 1303 - an abusive mother drives her daughter to a murder-suicide, and then they both continue to be 'stuck' in the apartment.

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4. The Suicide Forest - an American student goes to Japan and films a documentary in a severely haunted forest and her friends are killed around her as they go.

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5. One Missed Call - Try watching both the American adaption (2008) and the Japanese original (2003). A student's cell phone keeps sending eerie ring tones from beyond the grave!

Onemissedcall posterbig.jpg

6. The Complex - Don't move in here! A haunted complex where bizarre and violent things keep happening! You may like to keep the lights on.

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6. Reincarnation - A hotel is notoriously haunted after a series of murders take place.

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  • Invite 1 to 3 friends over to watch with you.
  • Keep some lights on.
  • Go pee and poo before getting started, to make sure you have no accidents.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, in case you end up sweating or shaking with fear.
  • Ensure beforehand that all doors & windows are locked (to reduce paranoia)
  • Turn down the ringer on your home phone, just in case.
  • Expect that you may hear knocking at the door, and it's just trick-or-treaters.
  • Have food & drink, but don't put anything in your mouth during suspenseful scenes (this will literally reduce risk of choking during jump scares).
  • Try following up with a light-hearted Disney movie before going to sleep.

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Oh and here is my October 31 #Kawaii365 picture...

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