Sunday, 23 October 2016

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas


We're counting down to Halloween, and even with 8 days until the big night, some of us are still coming up with costume ideas... so let's look at some kawaii ones!

Emma Wiggle from the kids' show, "The Wiggles"

Image result for emma wiggle Just look at those bows!

A Sailor Moon costume never goes out of style!

Image result for sailor moon costume

Pokémon costumes are still just as popular!

Image result for pokemon costume

Kigurumi make a great instant costume!

Image result for kigurumi

Or you could dress as your favorite Sanrio character :)

Image result for hello kitty costume

Something with a 'Harajuku' vibe

Image result for kawaii costume

A Cute vintage cartoon...

Like Rainbow Brite

Image result for rainbow brite costume

And Strawberry Shortcake

Image result for strawberry shortcake costume

Or any cute version of your favorite animal...

Image result for Cute Animal Costumes for Teens

What are you going to wear this Halloween?

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