Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Old Navy is So Kawaii!

Hello, and yes you did read that right! Love it or hate it, this trendy & affordable family clothes store can satisfy a lot of your cute desires ^_^

If you already shop at the store, then you are aware of the balloons, the coloring tables and the bouncy ball machines in most stores that give it the fun vibe. But now look a little closer with your shopping visits... perhaps you have young children, or a little sibling, a niece, a friend's kid, etc. you wish to shop for. Check out some of these cuties!

Baby Girl (up to 24 months) dress up shoes. Awww!

Baby/Toddler Girl Toque Hat with ears!

Cute Peek-A-Boo Kitty Shoe!

Baby Girl Kitty Socks. Squeeee!!

This store has a whole array of cute gift card designs, for any recipient!

Some of them even come with stickers and stuff!

**Not Pictured: If you happen to be shopping in an Old Navy store, even for your first time (I lost my 'Old Navy virginity' in summer of 2011 with Rob's female family members), make sure to have a good look at the items in the shelves near you as you stand in line for the cashier. One of the popular cute items right now is rainbow & sparkle party supplies, as well as greeting cards!

Many of the above items are found at www.oldnavy.ca and can also be found in your local store.

Thank you for reading and have a super awesome day!

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