Thursday, 15 September 2016

Kawaii Brain - September 15 Project!

Konbanwa こんばんは good evening friends!

As you know, I like to keep it creative for your pleasure everyday! Thinking back over the last 68 (out of 365) kawaii faces that I've made, sometimes I fear that I'll repeat one or lose that creative 'spark' for the rest of the year. So I often look back in the book Unstuck (Noah Scalin) for inspiration.

Thankfully it hit me right away this time. While flipping through pages, I saw an illustration of a brain wearing a party hat and gave me an overwhelming desire to doodle a face on it with a gel pen.

Thank you again for following this daily #kawaii365 project until July 10, 2017 (1-year anniversary), and thank you for following and sharing the hashtag on your social media. I strongly encourage you to create your own kawaii cuties with that hashtag since I want to see what goes on in your head, and of course share your work too ^_^

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