Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hello Kitty Super Cute Book - Review Wednesday September 21!

Konnichiwa Neko! That means 'Hello, kitty!' to you, as a greeting. I am calling you that because I think you are super cute ^3^

Anyway, you know how I work most Wednesdays, so I don't really have time to film on that day, right? Well I made a small blooper and didn't realize until after uploading. My uncle Doug has his birthday on Tuesday the 20th, and I got so caught up in that, it made me forget to post-date the video. Also, I have a bad head cold and am not in my right mind.
                                                                                       Image result for kawaii laughing

 You'll also notice the microphone on this laptop is sure getting creepy with age. I went from my usual high, sweet voice to something more, um, different. Watch for yourself:

Usually the reviews are better quality than this, and when I feel better, I will be super happy to make more #ReviewWednesday videos for you to enjoy and comment on. This one above is good for a laugh!

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