Saturday, 20 August 2016

What Nobody Told Me About Kawaii Art - August 20 Post

Hello, good evening. It is August 20 and I recently got in from work and had a quick supper (I was off at 8:00pm today, yikes!).

Today was my husband's grandfather's birthday \(○^ω^○)/

So Rob & I took him out for a nice lunch at the Red Deer Buffet (Chinese cuisine, mostly). And so far I have been thinking of this kawaii art form as only cute facial features to put on inanimate objects, with a couple of exceptions. But then I realized there is a whole market of demand for kawaii animals out there... mostly cats, but also bears, puppies, hamsters, frogs, and even llamas and sea creatures are high on the list.

So I would like to include animal cuties such as this cat, nyan (meow) that I drew on the napkin. She is ever so cozy in a warm pile of rice.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience as I create these posts each day.

Have a soft, warm night with pleasant dreams...

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