Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My August 10 face post

*sigh* I am exhausted. It's not really because of my retail job, since I was off just after 1pm today. Then after a nice date at Costco with Rob (we love going for their hotdogs + fries), I got to work on my Etsy shop. *whew* it was real work too.

First here is the hotdog wrapper face for August 10's #Kawaii365 project.

And now, after all my work, I would like to share 3 new Etsy shop listings with you. For your benefit, I kept each one reasonably priced as they are all printable digital downloads.

1. Astrology Wall Art

2. Astrology Tee Shirt Decal

3. Printable Kawaii Birthday Card

Tomorrow is a special day ^_^

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