Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Cutie Cup on August 16

It's been about a month + a week since I started blogging. A lot has happened since then for sure!

Anyway, still intending to stick to the yearly kawaii-a-day project, today when my hubby & I were out in a public place that had free beverage facilities, I borrowed a cup and gave him a super kawaii face to say "Hello" in a most friendly way to strangers. ^_^

I was not allowed to leave him where we had gotten him from, so we took him for a car ride, and eventually left him at Value Village when we went in there for discounted summer clothes (this time of year is excellent to shop for slightly out of season clothes).

So enjoy ~Mr. Cutie Cup~

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Thank you for your loyal readership every day (or every other day is okay too). I do my best to share my creativity project with you, as well as general Japanese Pop Culture tidbits and even featuring others in a similar industry, since I believe sharing is caring. With that being said, if you would like to be featured in this blog, or you have good ideas you'd like me to share, please let me know at renstimpy1234@gmail.com

Arigatou Gozaimasu (有難う 御座います)

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