Sunday, 31 July 2016

July 31st Sunday Around Town

Hello, Konnichiwa!
Love Hello Kitty by bon200

So today Rob & I both had the day off work (which is awesome for a Sunday!) We went to check out a street festival downtown, but before we did that, we ran some errands.
I still happened to have those 8 Kawaii 'Ice Cream Cuties' in our freezer, so I carefully wrapped each one in saran wrap and took them with us today, to be found around Red Deer:

1) at Tim Horton's near Sobey's (south side)
2) at CIBC bank across from Timmy's
3) Walmart (south side as well)
4) East Side Mario's
5) On a parking meter downtown, not too far from the festival
6) Rexall Post Office (downtown location)
7) at the Museum + Art Gallery (MAG)
8) near Starbucks in Bower Mall

When we were at the museum this afternoon, we went into the Club Café diner exhibit where there happens to be a piano. I sat down to play Fur Elise and Rob pointed out the piano brand, which was 'Kawai' ^_^

Those were actually from July 28's #Kawaii365 project, but I did want to eventually distribute them after they had a chance to set. Today's (July 31's) project is this McDonald's fry box, turned upside down & decorated like so:

We intentionally left this behind at the table. Hopefully the senior citizen men, giving us dirty looks from a couple of tables over, didn't take it upon themselves to throw this out.
She isn't garbage - she's art.

So as per usual, thank you so much for your support! Almost 1,200 page views at last count today. It would be awesome to get some followers too, for regular reading purposes. To follow, you only require a Google account ^3^

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