Saturday, 23 July 2016

July 23 - Westerner Days Kawaii :)

What is 'Westerner Days'? If you live in or around Red Deer, it's a fair & exhibition much like the Calgary Stampede. Rides, games, food kiosks, shows, colorful lights.

Anyway I knew today I wanted to do something grand, since thousands of people walk around that amusement park each of the 5 days it runs. There are simply too many people for me to leave just 1 cute face on something. I couldn't very well use chalk or paint to make a huge one since even on asphalt it's considered vandalism. So I did the next best thing: I was the Kawaii cutie today. Well, my cheek was:

And it certainly gained a fair bit of attention. Even the ones who didn't outright mention it were certainly caught staring in wonderment. I drew this one with a simple black eye liner pencil and used pinkish-purple eyeshadow for it's cheeks.

Then, on the same topic of being super adorable, my husband Rob, & I played a roller-ball midway game (that was like mini bowling into small holes) and he won me a really cute emoji pillow with heart eyes. That's exactly how I feel about him!

Resting while we enjoyed our traditional mini donuts.

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Thanks and have a super weekend! xoxo

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