Thursday, 21 July 2016

July 21 Evening Kawaii Post

Firstly, I finished sewing my little pillow dolls (made out of paper towels). I sent one to work with my husband, so he could leave it in the staffroom. Then because I have the evening off of work, I decided to leave the other 2 in random places around the condo building for neighbours.

*Note: If you live in Red Deer and you happen to find one of my Kawaii cuties, please take a picture and share it on your own social media with the tag #Kawaii365. I would really appreciate your help with making this year-long project an actual thing ^_^

And I must admit, since I started this project on July 10 of this year (2016), I have become increasingly more obsessed with Japanese culture, and though I have owned these Hello Kitty chopsticks for years, I had them put away and then remembered - I actually know how to use them and enjoy doing so :)

~Have a Kawaii evening~

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