Wednesday, 13 July 2016

July 13 - Tshirt up For Grabs!

Hi everyone :D

I'd like to start by saying this isn't the official Kawaii face post for today. I will be going out later with my husband and will look for a good public place to create another cutie.

However, this morning I woke up feeling all romantic and creative, and got this brilliant idea to turn this year-long project campaign into a wearable Tshirt. Well, I made it an iron-on decal, which you can download and print from Etsy, for only 27 cents (Canadian). I'd really appreciate some social media shares of you wearing it, by using the tag #Kawaii365 and/or tagging me on Instagram with @darylart_digital_onetsy

I would seriously ~Love~ to see you wearing a Kawaii face!

Thanks everybody! I appreciate you xoxo

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