Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Kawaii Squishie Keychains

Hello sweet friends!

This evening, as I approach bedtime, we will keep this review to a short and sweet video (sweet-smelling, too - wish I could share!)

Highlights of the video:

😍 These are very affordable, if you'd like some too. Just search Amazon for Goodangie00 - her shipping is mostly free and seems to be world wide. I did some research after the video.
😍 I don't know yet, but am thinking of doing a blog giveaway with these - like 1 per each winner. I think they are too adorable to hoard all to myself and want you to enjoy them too. I'll let you know when I've ironed out the deets. 
😍 The one with an 'X' for the nose & mouth, reminds me so much of Rabbird, which was sorta inspired by a cartoon rabbit I saw as a kid. If you want to know about my sweet baby Rabbird, check her out here.
😍 That 'squee' sound effect from one of the squishies, was from me, LOL. I do think they would be so much cuter if they made that noise on their own while being compressed.
😍 They should be able to be hung off of bags of all kinds, and can probably also accessorize beltloops, necklaces(?), and likely can be used as keychains or at least on keychains as well.


Anyway as you know, life is pretty busy as an artist, blogger, wife & home-maker, and of course, retail worker. I really do my best to keep you entertained, because I APPRECIATE you and your patronage coming to check out this kawaii blog, which has been crafted for your amusement.

I understand everybody literally has the same 24 hours in their day, and it's up to us as to how we utilize our time. I'm not whining, finding excuses, blaming outside sources, etc...…

When you show that my finding time to share with you and entertain you, isn't in vain, then you make my world brighter. And for that, I thank you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

How can you do that? Well, glad you asked! Just check out and there, you'll see a page dedicated previously to the year-long kawaii art project and now dedicated to the 12 zany, kawaii animals that I'd like to entertain you with. When you become a Patron, then you're helping me with day-to-day costs associated with creating.

These costs can include art supplies, fees for websites or Vistaprint, entry fees for exhibits, and of course advertising in general. Even if you don't want to submit a measly dollar each month, you also help me greatly when you share the page with people you know, love & trust.

Thank you!

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