Monday, 9 April 2018

Hello Kitty Review - Again!

Hi everyone, it's been awhile again, eh?

It's nice to be back with you. 

Rob's been granted almost a month off from work so he can drain vacation pay that's racked up, and we've been travelling together. We recently went with a couple of his relatives to Las Vegas (my first time there!!)

and then most recently, we went to WEM (West Edmonton Mall) where we stayed at Fantasyland Hotel and enjoyed many fun hours at the World Waterpark, Galaxyland, Ed's Bowling, and more!

Anyhow, while we were in WEM, we stopped in at the T&T Supermarket (for fans of Asian import stuff) and got some authentic Hello Kitty stuff, which we'll be reviewing here today.

The first one is these [vanilla?] cookies. They taste similar to animal crackers but with a slightly savory or 'umami' aftertaste. I admit I cannot read the ingredients in the language (most likely Japanese, but if you recognize it in the photo, please share what it says and in what language). It's good I have no real food allergies then. This product seems it may contain nuts, egg & dairy - and wheat for sure.

The back of the box had a 'cut-out' for a 3D doll 

This is as nice as I could make it look... she's a bride!

The next runner up is this cute Hello Kitty arcade game, with tart/sour cherry candies, reminiscent of the Pac-Man games of the 1980s (brought back into popularity by Eighties Reimagined shows such as Stranger Things). Anyhow, it's not 'playable' but sure an adorable figurine!

Enlarged to show the attention to Pac-Man style details! So thoughtful!

Slightly sexual looking cherry candy ;)

And as an 'Easter egg', meant literally, Rob got for me one of those giant Kinder surprise eggs, like the one pictured here: 

See the source image

I didn't even think to photograph the one Rob got me for Easter, as it looked so yummy I just dug right into it! 

Anyhow, the 'egg' inside had a cool toy... A Hello Kitty BBQ set, and stickers too!

Yay, Hello Kitty stickers!!

She appears to be holding ice cream, and it came with a paper 'meal' for her BBQ

Anyhow, even when life is busy with travelling quality time with spouse, working, and housework... there is always time for a Hello Kitty break 😍😍

Have a great day, 
xoxo Daryl J.

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